Just in time for Valentines Day From that romantic fellow ToeTag Some may find this trek to be a chore. With you at my side, I enjoy the journey. Even laundry is a special moment.
My Mom's gift to the girls for Valentines Day.. oh joy! Mom came down for lunch today, bringing her gifts for Valentines Day. My Mom is a gift junkie - spends way too much money on the girls. Of course, when Paul or I protest, she just brushes us off and buys - MORE stuff!! So - now the girls have a tent to play with in the living room. I also would like to add that now Moira and Olivia are sick. So am I ::sigh:: Motherhood can really suck sometimes! LOL! I am also in the process of switching pediatricians. I am keeping Moira out of school tomorrow since she is still running a fever. I will have to turn the TV on (to keep them somewhat quiet) just so I can make phone calls tomorrow morning.
Busy weekend... this is the first time I am able to sit down and write.. Moira woke up at 730am Saturday morning. Her ear was still hurting her. So, I jump in the shower, feed her, get dressed and the 2 of us headed to the ER. Her doctor's office isn't open on the weekends and I wasn't about to wait until Monday to resolve this problem. We get taken in pretty quickly.. especially since there is no one else waiting. The doc comes in.. yep.. she has fluid in her ears, my poor baby. He really had to dig in her ear. She also has a TON of wax buildup too. She's crying because it hurt when he had to poke around in her ear. He advises us to see ear, nose, throat doctor. Gives us a scrip for Cefachlor and out the door are we. Pathmark Pharmacy does not carry this antiboitic (CRAP) so we run over to Wal-Mart. They have it - but in a stronger dosage than Moira was prescribed. They call over to the ER to see if they can use this and adjust the dosage. No problem. Now - I have 30 minutes to kill while the script is being filled. We wander around WallyWorld, look at the fish, check out the toys, all that fun stuff. By now, it's noon. She was hungry so I took her over to Mickey D's in the Wal-Mart. Hey - she wanted to eat there! I was happy she was even eating. The script is finally filled! Hooray! Now - I need to go BACK to Pathmark so I can pick up some food - like bread, deli, milk.. the staples. Back home we go. After all was said and done, our little adventure took 3 hours!