ok - I was a little excited when I wrote the previous post. My final exam grade was 96 but my grade for the class is 89. Still - woohoo!
STILL waiting!! ACK!
Oh man - I *just* finished my final. I had to access Jeff's (instructor) computer, get a file and adjust the default website in IIS on my computer. That was the hardest part for me ::sigh:: I think I did it right. It came up under my localhost as well as the default for IE. I am waiting for my grade now ::biting fingernails::
My thoughts are going to Zannie and Allan. He was one of the WorldCom employees that was laid off today. Top officials at WorldCom were subpoenaed today.
Man - my afternoon just flew by ::WHOOSH:: The kids played with PlayDoh (DOH!) for an hour. My carpet was a mess afterwards... messier than usual! Now, I made an inpromptu fort with a sheet and 2 chairs. They are thrilled. I am SuperMom! LOL!
Susan got the keys to her new place! YAY! Happy painting ::snicker::
I visited my Mom last night. I brought Moira with me. Mom needed a few things from the house so we stopped there first. We got to the hospital around 7-ish. I bought Moira a late dinner and we ate with Mom, in her room. Mom will be in the hospital through the weekend. I can't go up to see her today because I have my final. Tomorrow, Tim will be down and he will go there for a while. I will probably come up on Sunday and help her out with some things at that time. She is pretty beat. The pneumonia is really kicking the crap out of her. She isn't getting much sleep but who the hell can really sleep in the hospital anyway? My Dad, when he was in for the triple bypass, had a helluva time. He is a super light sleeper to begin with so he was pretty happy to get home. Wish me luck on my final! I typed up more of my notes last night. I can use my notes tonight so I am trying to get everything typed up and filed in my notebook. AND - just in case, backed up on a floppy disk. After this class, I am FREE! No more school! Moira is pretty excited about that. She likes it when I am home. Tomorrow, Moira is going to a Blue Claws (minor league baseball) game tomorrow night with my sis in law and her boyfriend. What a life this kid has! Certainly a better social schedule than I.