Moira went back to school today ::sniffle:: I mean, I am glad she went but I will miss having her around. Things went smoothly this morning. She got up all by herself (we sent her alarm), wore a new outfit (very cute!), did the whole morning routine. But, as we were walking down the driveway, she slipped on some loose gravel and BAM! Fell right down and scraped her hand. She cried - poor lil thing. : - ( She was ok after a couple minutes fo cuddling. Plus, a buddy of hers (who lives 3 houses up) was starting Kindergarten so they walked up together. It was sweet. We have the same bus driver as last year. She is really very nice. I am glad to see her again. Her bus was 40 minutes late! UGH! Some sort of mix up at the middle school. Hope it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I think she enjoyed her first day.. she didn't want to really discuss it too much ::grin:: Goofy kid. We didn't get back home until 410pm. That sucked because Moira also had soccer practice tonight at 530pm. I threw dinner together as fast as possible and then Moira and I took off for the fields. We met her coach, who seems to be a really nice guy. Turns out he is a 6th grade teacher. Cool. We didn't get back home until 730-ish. Zoomed into the bath, teeth brushed, book read and VOOM! Into bed by 830pm! Damn - I AM good!
Moira starts school tomorrow. I cannot believe that she is going into first grade. ::sigh::
By the way.. dinner was absolutely delicious.. : - )