I am feeling a bit out of sorts tonight. I think I am catching Olivia's cold. Crap.
Never got a chance to post last night.. I got back home last night around 830. It didn't look like things were going that well either. So, I helped the finish up the nighttime routine, then headed them off to bed. Olivia was still hacking and her nose was running BIG time. Paul brought her back into the kitchen to give her some nose spray while I propped up her mattress. Olivia starts freaking out - she hates nose spray. He managed to get one dose in one nostril but was having a hard time with the other. I suggested that he just stop - she's way too upset. One thing leads to another.. and now we are arguing. ::sigh:: I just picked up Olivia and walked away from him. Whatever. Moira is already in bed at this point. I tucked Miss O in bed, kissed her good night and closed the door. Went back to give Moira a kiss and another tucking into bed. I went back into the living room and started sorting the kids dirty laundry. Paul apologized and I answered with a curt "Thank you". I stayed in the bedroom all night, watching "Singin' in the Rain" again. One of my favorites! Olivia was quite restless last night. I hate post-nasal drip. The poor kid. Apparently, she woke up around 2am this morning and Paul gave her a breathing treatment and got her back to bed. She woke again after he left for work. She usually just crawls into bed with me for a little while before I have to drag Moira out of bed. But, she was pretty good this morning. Dressed and ate breakfast in her usual slow fashion. It took her a few minutes to get her to brush her teeth. What IS it with little kids and not wanting to brush their teeth!?!? Argh! I have done a few errands this morning. Poor Olivia is still really boogery and coughing but no fever. She's fussing so I must end now.. Later!