Olivia is asleep right now, sitting in my lap. I was reading some blogs and she wanted to sit with me. I guess she got nice and comfy and zonked right out! Let me tell ya, being a Mom is great - especially these kinds of perks.
I never got a chance to update last night. I had Bonkos and didn't get home until 1030pm! Wheee! We ran a bit late because we also had a small baby shower for one of the women. She is due next month and will be having a little boy :::awwwwww::: We all got up on time today but Moira was having her birthday party in class today. Yes - her birthday is in July. Her teacher thought it would be nice if all the kids (who have summer birthdays) were able to celebrate their birthdays too. So - today was Moira's UNBIRTHDAY party ::grin:: We stopped at Pathmark this morning to pick up cupcakes to bring in to school. Nothing like last minute planning. Oh - and I have to share with you guys that I have an AWESOME long distance company. I pay .03 a minute! My long distance bill has dropped from an average of $55.00 to $19.00! YEAH baby!