A Vern Yip Fan Club! A great Vern article. Ty fans? Check this out! One more cool Trading Spaces fanpage AND lastly, Scott, this link is for you! Hehehe!
Oh - I think I lost some links when I dumped Blogrolling. If I misplaced anyone's, please let me know in the comments!
I just watched the first 20 minutes of the Anna Nicole show on the E channel. Oh my God. What the hell happened to her? She was such a beautiful woman. Now, she's .. well.. pathetic. So she's fat, she is still gorgeous. I think even Ozzy must have watched this show and said "Damn, she's messed up!"
Moira's home! YAY!
Oh! "Hungry Heart" by Bruce is being played right now. I love this song
Ugh - 106 I am a dope!
(link snagged from Joan) I took the 5 minute times test and scored 133! Woohoo! I be smart! I wonder what my score will be on the Verbal IQ test.
Paul left a little while ago to pick up our eldest child. He is picking her up at the rest area off the NJ Turnpike. Bleech! But, it beats driving all the way out to PA! Olivia and I are having shells and sauce. She is on her 3rd bowl! A hungry little girl. She must be going through a growth spurt. She's getting a treat tonight and is watching Toy Story. I preferred TS 2 but I can deal with this. She is zoned out, watching the movie. Heehee! I have to figure out where I want the new wall uplights placed. They will be over the brass headboard so each one of us will have a light for reading. Paul has to wire them and attach a thumbswitch. We are disagreeing on the cord cover. The lights will be mounted on the wall and the cords will be hanging straight down. I want to cover the cord with a brass strip (headboard is also brass) and he wants white. The walls, if you lovely readers recall, are lavender. What do you think? White or brass wire covers?
Well - I decided to lose the blogrolling... it never seemed to work for me. I rearranged Olivia's bedroom. It looks better. She has SO much stuff that it was hard for her to play in there. Ack - I need a bigger house to hold all my stuff!
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Hrm. I will fix this later..Any suggestions would be appreciated! Bye!
Not bad...
hmm - is it working?
Good morning everyone! Today is National Kids Day. American sumo wrestler Emanuel Yarbrough is 6-foot-7 and 730 pounds. He's also in a bit of a bind - he's living in his parents' basement in New Jersey. More work to be done around the house... will write more later!
SUCH a busy day... The 3 of us went to Home Depot and I managed to spend about $200. Paint, supplies, wall anchors and other hardware to hang the wall lighting. We have so many projects to work on around here. She had a blast, as usual. We grilled steaks (yummy!) and I made mashed potatoes, which Olivia loves. Oh - happy day for her. She dropped some on the floor and was quietly grinding them into the carpet. ACK! Paul took Olivia into the pool tonight and then we watched both episodes of Trading Spaces. I really loved what Lori did in the bedroom of the 1st house. I cannot believe the wife's reaction when she saw her bedroom. What a snot. I wanted to smack the ungrateful bitch. The next episode was the home with the hay on the walls. Unreal. Absolutely unbelievable. Oh - and I also folded about 3 loads of laundry. Paul is zonked out. Woofuckinhoo. So much for my glamorous Saturday night. So, now I am watching Me, Myself and Irene on HBO. God - I love this movie. I crack up every damn time I watch this movie. Renee Zellwiger is adorable and Jim Carey (whom I normally don't like) ROCKED! Well .. time to surf around and check out my fellow bloggers. G'nite!