Easy dinner tonight.. hot dogs! Woohoo! I had a meeting at church tonight to discuss Sunday School in the fall. We need to get some more volunteers to assist us. There are a lot of kids and not enough classrooms. The church is going be going through a major renovation, rebuilding the sanctuary and adding on classrooms. Our Pastor is very much interested in technology and would like to set up (in the near future) a computer lab for the kids. We've got a great curriculum set up for the kids. I hope we can get a few more volunteers!
We had a nice afternoon - until we had massive thunder and lightening around 2pm. Mom came down for lunch and a swim. The girls had a blast, as usual, when any grandparent comes for a visit. We lost power, just for a moment. I had to re-boot the computer ::grr:: but there were no other incomveniences besides that.
Good luck Zannie! We are all pulling...err....pushing...umm.. ROOTING for you! Yeah - that's it! Go Zannie! Have Brucie already! Push 'em out, shove 'em out, WAYYYYY out!