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I am Belle!
Which Disney Princess are you?

You are a true bookworm and dream of a life better than the simple, quiet one you lead now. Your good looks can attract the town jerks, but you manage to ignore them most of the time. Sometimes you feel like you're surrounded by idiots. So what are you waiting for? You don't need your father to be kidnapped to get out and see the world. Although you can be stubborn, you're also very compassionate and see beyond people's fa├žades.
We had a great night tonight. Moira borrowed 6-7 books from the library. She also got another library card to replace the one she lost. I picked up a couple Sue Grafton books and a couple Jackie Collins. C'mon - ya gotta have some easy reading too! I also chatted with Mary C via AIM tonight. It was SO nice to talk with you! Right now, I am shopping on Oriental Trading Company. I need crafts for Brownies and Sunday School plus I am also buying a bunch of pencils and stickers for my church. We hold a Mischief Night party for all the kids in town. They don't have to be church members to attend and it's just a lot of fun. Not too much else here. I did catch Scrubs and Will & Grace tonight. Scrubs was pretty damn funny. Will & Grace, it was ok. I am so distracted by Debra Messing's bony neck and chest (or lack thereof) that I can't really concentrate on the show. I do like Karen the most - she cracks me up! AND - I think Sean Hayes is wildly talented.
I'm off to do a couple errands with Olivia before I pick Moira up at school. Then, it's off to the library! Hooray!
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i am open-minded!

How indie are you? test by ridethefader
You're pretty knowledgeable about music in general. You like indie music, sure, but that's only part of it. You'll listen to any old shit as long as it sounds good to you. You're not snobby about music at all, you just like what you like. How boring. Curiously, this makes you popular with the opposite sex.
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Which ArchAngel are you most like?

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I am so so lazy today. It's gotta be the weather. Oh - and that damn Old Navy commercial that spoofs Green Acres, that's gotta go. Oy.
I talked to my Mom this morning and she isn't feeling to well. The plan was to go to Mom's for dinner tonight. Yesterday she was given prednisone (steriods) and she was on a high - doing a zillion things, super high energy level! I guess today she crashed. Poor Mom. She was so upset about cancelling dinner. I think it's for the best although Moira will be slightly disappointed. I think I'll take her to the library after school today. That always perks her up!
Paul and I decided to refinance our mortgage so last night I called Ditech. I was on the phone for about 40 minutes but we were approved for the new mortgage at an interest rate of 5.375%! Woohoo! We were originally paying 8%. ::Happy dance:: Plus, we are going to do a 15 year fixed so the mortgage will be paid off before I am ::gulp:: 50. Hell - we might even have a life! ::gasp::