WHEW! I think I am all caught up on my reads. Oh - if anyone has some great craft links/ideas, please feel free to send them on over! Bonus points if I could use them for Sunday School. Besides, I can use the other ones for the Brownie troop.
OhmyGod! The Sopranos rocked tonight! The scene between Tony and Bobby in the diner.. PRICELESS! Paul and I laughed ourselves silly over that. I am not liking Paulie too much. I really liked Christopher but I hate the drug storyline he's doing. Shooting up between his toes??? EW EW EW! Just disgusting. The best episode from last season (#37) was when Pauli and Christopher disposed of a "body" in the Pine Barrens. Getting lost, half frozen, they have to spend the night in an abandoned van, eating ketchup packets. I watched that episode every time it was aired. When Bobby showed up in full camoflage....hahahahahaha! LOVED it!
Had a great morning at Sunday School. I have a helper, Gina, who is a sweetheart. She is in high school.. I think she is about 15-16. Jeff, who is 11, also stopped by to help. He was great. The kids (5-8 yrs old) really liked both of them.. Moira had a great time at Sunday School too. I have been trying to think up interesting things for the kids to do. I need to come up with a great craft idea... Other than that, it has been a dreary Sunday that has been filled with laundry and housekeeping. Ick! I'll try to wrote later as I have to finish up dinner, get everything cleaned up and ready for tomorrow and watch "The Sopranos". YEAH! I am SO SO happy it's finally back!