HOLY crap! It seems like forever since I have updated! ::sobbing:: Can ya'll forgive me? The past couple days have been extremely busy. I took the girls to the Ocean County Fair yesterday. It was gorgeous but hot. We saw a bunch of animals (4-H shows), a comedian/magician that totally enthralled Moira! I had the girls profile drawn by a man who used all pencils and chalk. The likeness was very eerie - he really caught them dead on, even down to a small dimple in Moira's left cheek. Beautiful - I can't wait to frame it and hang it up ASAP! Our bedroom is still an ongoing project. So far, the 2 bureaus are finished. They look fabulous. The 3rd dresser still needs to be primed and painted. So far, the room is REALLY coming together nicely, even though we don't get too much time to work on it when the kidlets are around! We also put up some wood shelves and we also are going to hang a small drop leaf desktop. It drops down when not in use and it will certainly come in handy OUR next project is the living room and hallway. We are going to rip up the carpet (YAY!) and replace it with the Pergo Presto, which is just snap together.. no glue. I have a trip planned to IKEA and l will be getting some small lamps and some decorative storage for the bedroom (to go on the shelves). Oh yeah, and meeting Dara too! ::grin:: Paul and I went through our 4 drawer file cabinet and we shredded 3 garbage bags FULL of old papers, pay stubs, etc.. I hate filing!!! Well - I have a busy day for tomorrow. Moira and Paul are going to church in the morning and have to run a couple errands. We are going to my Dad and Step-Mom's house tomorrow for a combination birthday and anniversary lunch/dinner thingie! It will be fun - I get to see my niece, whom I haven't seen since May. Ta-ta for now!