I had fun at class tonight. I learned a valuable lesson - I have NO artistic ability whatsoever. I did create a teeny tiny 18 frame "movie". I think the kids will enjoy it.
Dad UPDATE - Just heard from Tim. The surgery went VERY smoothly. Textbook smooth. Thank God. I will be going up there tomorrow to see him.
It's the day from hell already. (warning - VERY strong language ahead) I was all set to go to the hospital 20 minutes ago. I was all packed and Mom was going to watch Olivia for me while I was there. Apparently, I BENT my freakin car key so I can't get INTO my fucking car. I try to re-bend it (a fricking joke). It doesn't work. SHIT! So I get my purse and Olivia and go back in the house to call a locksmith. The few that I call aren't even OPEN. I finally get one moron on the phone who tells me that it will cost me $100 to come out and give me a new key. Well - I don't have a spare $100 so I am freakin stuck at home. I turn the TV on for Olivia and go back outside to get the diaper bag (down off the front porch and 5 steps to my car).I was outside a total of 10 freakin seconds. I get back to the door and find out that Olivia has LOCKED me out. She flipped the latch on my screen door. I spent 10 minutes trying to get her to open the door. She KNEW she was in such deep shit that she didn't unlock the door. Finally, when she did open it, she caught HOLY hell and one helluva spank. I put her in her room before I killed her (not really). I can't get in touch with my StepMom or my brother. They are in the hospital. They aren't expecting me until noon. Paul is at a training class and is out of touch. SO - I can't call him either. Fuck. What a shitty day.
Got the call from my StepMom... Dad will be going in around 8am. Hopefully, finished by 11am.