I had a very nice weekend. Saturday night, I had a lovely telephone chat with everyone's favorite indie rock librarian (aka Mary Carmen). We talked for 2 hours! You must go to her blog and visit her. She is super cool. Mary - it was great talking to you. Hopefully, we will meet soon. Today, I taught Sunday School. I only had 5-6 kids in class. They were really out of control today - I really hate that. Lil boogers. Anyway - after church, we headed back home and had lunch. Moira had a buddy come over for a couple hours today and they had a blast in the backyard. I managed to catch up on laundry (7 loads - UGH!) and get dinner going tonight. We didn't eat until 6pm (late for us). Paul was in the attic and he pulled down Moira's old desk and we set it up in Olivia's room. She was SO excited to have her own desk! She jumped up and down and cheered.. THEN she asked "For my computer?" LOL! I told her as soon as Mommy gets a new one, she will get one. Everyone's computer will move one level down. Of course, we will network the house (Yippie!) when that happens. The kids didn't make it to bed until 830pm. The Sopranos was pretty good tonight although I am so uncomfortable watching the drug storyline. And what the HELL was the deal with Tony beating the snot out of Zellman? Holy shit - that was just creepy as hell. Christopher is a jerk.. poor Ad. "Damaged goods" - that shit. Paulie's homecoming celebration was pretty damn funny. I still like him.. the funny bastard. He reminds me of my Uncle Tony - they resemble each other. Unfortunately, Unce Tony passed away over 12 years ago. Lord - I miss him.. Heading to bed in a few minutes.. G'night all! ::blowing kisses::
I am really thinking of leaving Blogger. I received a very nice email from someone offering to host me.