I was up at the hospital most of the afternoon. I left my house around 1 and got back home about 9-ish. I have been making phone calls and doing emails for Mom and myself. Andrew and Chris, thank you so much for your emails. They really mean a lot to me. ::smile:: Mom is doing ok. Her doctor says "fair condition". She could be out in a few days. There is a slight chance of pneumonia. Not really what I wanted to hear but it could have been worse. ::knocking wood:: But, her white blood cell count it good. That's a bonus. She was NOT given the prednisone last night. It was ordered today by the pulmonologist, along with albuterol treatments via nebulizer. THIS stuff I know! Moira and Olivia have nebulizers and we do breathing treatments as needed for them. Anyway, this morning she was having tremendous coughing fits, again to the point of vomiting. Tim (my brother) was with her this morning. Mom got a dose of the steroid along with the breathing treatment and antibiotic. After I arrived, she managed to eat some Jello and sip some water. About an hour later, severe nausea hit her. The nurse gave her a shot of anti-nausea medication directly into her portocath. It worked pretty quickly, about 15 minutes. So, no vomiting today with the exception of this morning. Thank goodness. She is so weak and sore from coughing. Even walking to the bathroom (about 5 feet away) brings on more wheezing and dizziness. She had a slight fever again when I left. She pretty much told me to go home. She is exhausted.. hasn't had much sleep the past 4-5 days. She seemed a lot more comfortable when I left her this evening. I will be up there tomorrow night and Tuesday night as well. I can't get there on Wednesday since my class is starting that day. So, Tim will probably be down to take care of her on those days. :::sigh:::
I am pooped.. played with my template all night... :::yawn::: Going to bed.. Oh - if you are linking to me on your webpage, please let me know. I would love to add you to my list of reads! G'nite!