Well - I emailed Snorland and I am currently at their mercy. I am ever so hopeful I will get a simple yet speedy answer. ::::praying::::
Hmmm - I am getting errors on my page - comments not working ::sigh:: I hate errors... If anyone would like to email me with some suggestions, I certainly wouldn't mind!
What's up with my blog? Damn AOL! GRRRRRR!!
Debbie, the Daisy Scout Troop Leader, just breezed in and out of here. I think she spent a total of 5 minutes with me. Grrrrr! It is so frustrating with her sometimes.I don't mind doing the paperwork and handling the money. I don't think she could manage that anyway - she seems like such a dip! I have this strange feeling that, come next year, I will be the new Brownie Leader. I don't think I would mind so much. Her daughter is such a pain in the ass. Doesn't listen at all. ::sigh:: Don't even get me going on her behavior in the CAR! No seat belts, no card seat... Arrgghh!
I just caught the video "Weapon of Choice" by Fat Boy Slim. I just love Chris Walken - he's so demented looking. Just watching him dance through the video cracks me up everytime. I have got to buy that CD. Anyone have it? Is it good?
Why does 7am come SO quickly?? Such an evil hour...