I feel like a grown-up now

Paul and I have finally purchased our very own bedroom set. As in, no hand me downs (nothing wrong with that at all). It was a large expense but something we needed. We have had OPF (other people's furniture) for years and things have finally crapped out/fallen apart. Our bedframe broke (get your minds out of the gutter people) when one of our teenage daughters dove onto it, thus collapsing one of the sides, unable to be repaired.

I am waiting for the delivery truck now.

I am just nervous about the amount of the purchase. For some folks, not too much money but we've got a college bound student (woot!) and well, times are pretty tight right now since I am unemployed. The majority of my time is spent doing the three C's - cleaning, cooking, and chauffeuring. I'm busy with a lot of volunteer work but that's not helping to pay the bills. Luckily, eBay and a couple cleaning gigs have been available.

How funny - I've always thought I've been suited for this:

But, I've got this instead:

Well, at least I will be a cleaning diva!