We had a kickass storm last night! Thunder, lightening.. it was sooo cool! I love storms. Unfortunately, I was driving through most of it ::grin:: Olivia and I were at the mall for a couple hours and then we headed over to my Mom's place. We had McD's for dinner and just hung around for a while. The wind was really picking up by the time we left (9pm). Once we were in the car, about 15 minutes into the trip, the skies OPENED up. Whooosh! Rain everywhere. Olivia and I were watching lightening strikes. The sky was turning green and blue during some of the strikes. It was amazing... just beautiful. Of course, I was extremely thankful I wasn't too close to the lightening strikes. We didn't get home until 10pm. I hustled Miss Olivia into bed after her teethbrushing. I had to sing the usual 3 songs (Mary had a Little Lamb. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and You are My Sunshine) before she would even go to sleep. She pretty much zonked out. Paul didn't get home from PA until 1045pm. He also got stuck in the storm. I wasn't able to log on last night because of the storm so I was able to watch Dennis Miller (love him!). I ended up watching TV in the bedroom and watched "Real World" on MTV. :::shamefaced::: I don't know why I have been watching it - they are all a bunch of idiots. Whiny little shits.. but still I watch. It should be called "Unreal World".