Ok... I still have to tweak it.. but I kinda like the new look ::grin:: I will link my 100 things about me and my photos (eventually). I need to switch to a new image hosting site and I need to download an FTP program... Olivia and I will be going up to visit Mom after we take Moira to school. Thank you all so very much for all your kind words. They mean so much to me! :::smooches:::
Moira's soccer game was cancelled due to all the mosquitos all over the fields.. ew. Since they were already out, Paul and Moira stopped at KMart for a new coffee pot. Seems like I *just* got one quite recently!
My Mom called me with the results of her Pet Scan. It was her 3rd scan for the cancer (Non Hodgkins Lymphoma). The first 2 were clear. This last scan wasn't... It came back.. all of it... in the same goddamn places, her neck, shoulders, upper/lower back and pelvis. The Fludara (chemo meds) must have made the cancer dormant instead of eliminating it... Fuck. I have to ask all of you guys for your thoughts and prayers again.. ***UPDATE** This is the post that I thought I deleted earlier... weird!
Well - I will be fixing more of this later and adding my links back in.. please let me know if I miss anyone (once I set them up). I somehow managed to break the coffeepot, ran late cooking dinner so Paul and Moira were late going to soccer and I knocked over an entire box of organic rice crispies.. those little bastards scattered everywhere ::sigh:: Oh, and the cereal is about $5.00 for a 10 oz box.. figures... Gotta go to KMart and get a new coffeepot..
I think comments are up now...
Well - I have dorked up my blog... again.. Please bear with me while I work on it.. What a crappy day..
::sigh:: I screwed up my last post by trying to edit it.. My Mom got her PET Scan results back.. it was her 3rd scan. The past 2 were negative. No signs of cancer. It's back now, according to this last scan, everywhere it was before Mom's chemo. Upper/lower back, shoulders, pelvis, legs... The Fludara (chemo medication) didn't kill the clusters. Just made them dormant. Any spare thoughts and prayers you can toss this way would be greatly appreciated.
Off to recycling and the post office.. be back soon! TA!
ACK! I just got back from the bus stop and I am covered in mosquito bites! I am soooo itchy.. it's unbearable. I've already covered them with Benedryl cream and they still itch!