From Andrew If you could only watch 2 TV shows a week what would they be? Good Eats with Alton Brown (LOVE him!) and Trading Spaces on TLC Jennings, Brokaw or Rather? None - Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly Oprah or Jerry Springer? Oprah. I hate Springer ick ick ick Have you meet a famous celebrity? Well - I saw Elle MacPhereson in Planet Hollywood. She is *really* tall... and gorgeous ::sigh:: I got Margaret Smith's autograph. She was really cool. Jay or Silent Bob? no clue.. never saw the movies Monsters Inc. or Shrek? I didn't see Monsters Inc. but I really thought Shrek was funny. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke.. but I usually prefer water or coffee What do you generally have for breakfast? Toast and coffee... lots of coffee Leno or Letterman? They both suck. Jon Stewart or Dennis Miller are so much better. Lara Croft or Sydney Bristow? Well - again, never having seen either one... I still would rather watch Sydney from Alias.
MOM'S Coming home! YAY YAY YAY!
Make sure there are no small children around when you play this (link via newtonleibniz)

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

:::sigh::: everyone else did one...
So - You wanna be a stripper? Read up here and see if you can handle it.
Good morning! Some good news - Mom might be coming home today! YAY! She is getting stir crazy in the hospital, not that I blame her. She has a roommate who is so sick : - ( She has liver problems and cancer to boot. The poor woman... I had class last night and I enjoyed it. We got out early due to it being the first night. The instructor seems pretty cool.. very straight up and forward. I like him. He's strictly a a code kinda of guy. He also likes Star Trek too. Hmm... coincidence? ::grin:: Surprisingly, I have picked up some HTML just by playing with my blog and getting help from people (Erin, Mike, ToeTag - THANK YOU!)