Ok folks - Update those links! A new and improved (I hope) KateSpot
WOOO! I just figured out how to copy all my posts and save them on my hard drive! Thanks Alix
Allison will be my new hostess (with the mostess, I might add!). She kindly set up a test blog for me to play with. Oy - MT is a lot more work. But, I am not complaining... yet.. ::grin:: I got a bit of a head start on the templates last night, until we lost power a little before 11pm. Nothing flickered or wavered.. just POOF! No power. Whoa - it was weird. Very surreal - the entire neighborhood was completely dark. Add cold and rain to that. YIKES! It was only out for 20 minutes, thank goodness. I would hate to lose heat and water for an extended period of time. Today is my Father in Law's birthday. I have to have the kids call him when Moira gets home from school this afternoon. Our church is having a mischief night party for all kids in the area. They are expecting a large turnout. I don't know if Moira is going to go or not. It runs from 6-9pm and she is usually in bed by 815-830. I think we will pass for tonight - she doesn't do too well when she loses sleep. Plus - she has a party after school tomorrow until 6pm. Life is good!