I talked to my Mom around 530pm. She had just gotten home from her treatment today. Ugh. She sounded pretty woozy - they give her a lot of Benedryl during the treatment in case of an allergic reaction. So poor Mom was pretty doped up. I am sure she just went to bed and is probably still sleeping. Love you Mommy! ::smooch::
Just got off the phone with Mary. We talked for at least 90 minutes! She is SO cool! She is definitely coming down on Saturday - YAY! We are going to have so much fun!
Tonight's menu: Crockpot Roast with baby carrots and potatoes with homemade bread. It was goooooood!
Sleepy Girl!
I got a chance to sit in the recliner and doze for an hour. As Reading Rainbow ran it's closing credits, I look over at Olivia. She's curled up in a chair, fast asleep. The crappy part - I have to wake her up in 15 minutes so we can pick up Moira at the bus stop. Poor kid.
Does anyone else love the smell of freshly dried towels? Olivia is all wrapped up in the warm towels that I just took out of the dryer. She loves them!
Mom has her 3rd chemo treatment today - Go Mom. Kick ASS!
I can't believe I forgot to mention this last night but was anyone else just stunned that ABC, CBS and NBC did NOT air the President's speech last night? Holy crap. Damn liberal media. They would have aired Clinton's speech. I didn't ever think I would see such a deliberate snub like that. By the way, I did email all three stations about that. What a disgrace.