The pool is about 90 degrees and gorgeous! :::::::ahh::::::::
We're back from the reading program.. Moira really liked it. I got the dates mixed up - I thought it was going to be Wed-Fri. It was Tues-Thurs. Whoops!
Ok ok - I caved in as well.. Check out my Hot or Not link and VOTE for me! Geez, do I sound pathetic enough? heehee!
The response when I clicked that I was a woman - "REALLY? You know, for every question, we track very carefully what each gender answers. This allows us to guess with the utmost accuracy what you are. And in the rare case where we guess incorrectly (like now), we have the opportunity to learn from nature's mistake. You. People like you, who walk the scary line between man and woman, are *very* helpful in understanding exactly what it means to be human. Thanks, and good luck." Nature's mistake? Jerks
(link via Jason) The Spark Gender Test Well - they are SO freakin wrong - they said I was definitely a MAN, based on my answers! "How do we know? Well, deep down, your gender affects everything about you, from your favorite number to your views on Canada. Many men who took the test think and act just like you, as you can see from the clusters above.(80%) Statistically speaking, you are a dude." I don't know if I should be flattered or offended. ::snicker::
We had a great time at my sis in law's house today. My niece is just so adorable :::proud auntie::: Right before we left, she decided to play in the dirt. She got absolutely filthy within 5 minutes. It was pretty funny. My sis in law is HUGE (for a skinny pregnant chick). She is due in about 3 weeks. It's a boy! I can't wait to meet him! Moira is starting her reading program tomorrow. Olivia and I will be going to the butcher while Moira is at the program. Then, around 2-ish, one of her buddy's will be coming over to go swimming and will be staying over for dinner. It should be fun. The pool is nice and warm again!