Well - that was an apparent waste of time. When I pull up my blog on the web, I get error messages and I do not see a comments section under each post. I haven't seen anything posted about it at YACCS or Blogger. I know there are other people having this problem. ::sigh:: I am going to bed...
OK - I re-installed my comment code - I hope this works....
Ok - why is it that *I* cannot see any comments on my page? I can read them at the YACCS page but they are not visible to me..
Ok - I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more! Blogger - BUH bye!
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My lunch break..... Got Moira off to school just fine. Today was Hat Day at school so Moira wore a straw cowboy hat. She looked really cute. After the bus picked her up, Olivia and I headed back home and ate breakfast. I had made plans with Olivia that we would work in her room today, cleaning it up and putting in a new lamp and a little radio for her *new* desk. 945 - the phone rings. It's the school nurse. Moira is complaining of bad ear pain in her right ear. Now - she is not the type of kid to fake it. She loves school and I know she wouldn't want to miss Hat Day unless she felt crappy. She was only at the nurses office once last year. Besides - she is all stuffy like the rest of us so I can imagine that she is feeling bad. Olivia and I picked her up and brought her back home. I had her change into sweats and then we all went into Olivia's room. I hauled out *2* garbage bags (lawn and leaf sized bags) full of old and broken toys. She has one of those Little Tykes combo toybox/bookcase pieces and I finally reached the bottom of it. Ew - I was pretty grossed out. Just about everything that was touching the bottom got tossed. I vaccuumed it, windexed it then vaccuumed it again. It was really stinky. It took me about 2 hours to clean that room out and I still have a little bit left to do in there. We took a lunch break about 20 minutes ago and now they are off playing somewhere.. in Moira's room, judging from the sounds I am hearing down the hallway.