Finally - a chance to sit down for a little while. Today was busy with Moira being home but the evening routine moved along very smoothly. Moira started coughing once we got her in bed - poor kid. We have given her as much stuff as she can take, just so she can try to go to sleep. She coughed for over an hour but seems to have settled down for now ::knocking wood:: I was weeding out a lot of my links from Internet Explorer and I have to really get all my AOL links out so I can shut it down ::gasping:: That will be SO weird when I shut down AOHell! LOL! I have SO many AOL links - it will take me forever to move them. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?
Is anyone interested in a recipe exchange/discussion blog? I know of quite a few bloggers that mention when they have sampled new recipes or have some family favorites that can be whipped up in no time flat! I set one up on blogger so please leave a comment and I will be MORE than happy to set you guys up as contributors! Any takers?
Oh my gosh! I am only 100 away from making it to 20,000 hits on my counter!
I have been trying to keep the kids occupied this afternoon. I put on Monsters Inc and Moira flipped out. She says she's scared of the movie ::eyeroll:: I told her she could sit in the kitchen and not watch it. While Olivia and I watched, Moira would come creeping out, watch some of the movie then run back to the table. LOL. It was pretty funny. Of course, she couldn't stand NOT watching so she sat with us for at least half the movie. She cried at the end when Boo went back home. Awww. I cry at that scene every time too. Then, we put on the outtakes and she really got a kick out of them. I have a weird kid! Now, they are watching Blues Clues. It's the episode when Steve introduces Joe into the show.
I had to go to Walmart today. Olivia had 3 diapers left. 3. ::sigh:: So, off to Walmart I go, in the goddamn rain, with 2 cranky kids. I bet you can all guess what fun we had. I did managed to pick up a winter coat for Moira while we were there. The trip wasn't a total loss. Except for my wallet. ::grin::
Ugh - it's pouring rain here and Moira is home today. She was up hacking and coughing until 1am. So - I kept her home. Lucky me!