The pool is SO nice. Olivia finally had enough and asked to get out ::grin::
Moira is now at another friend's house for a couple of hours. I think Olivia and I will go swimming. It it *so* hot and humid today. Ick.
Did you ever have a song bring back some really fond memories? I was driving Moira to her reading program when I heard "Why Can't This Be Love?" by Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar). Instantly, I flash back to the summer of 1986 and the guy I was dating/seeing at the time. CJ was a sweetie. He didn't have the greatest home life - His parents were divorced and his Dad wasn't around. His Mom was a bit of a nutcase, according to him. He would never let me meet her. He was from Manasquan, the sworn rival of my hometown of Wall Township. He used to bike over to my house during the summer. I distinctly remember listening to Van Halen's "5150" tape. Our song was "Love Walks In". ::smile:: We dated through the summer and a bit into the fall. Things happened, we broke up. I hated him, as only a broken hearted 16 year old can hate someone. Time passed.. One Saturday, I bumped into him one day on Main Street in Manasquan. He was thrilled to see me. I was thrilled to see him too (not that I let him know that!). We hugged and chatted for a minute. CJ said he would give me a call tomorrow and we would get together and hang out. I had to go since I was with my Mom, doing errands. We hugged again and he cycled off. He never did call me on Sunday. I was so mad at him for not calling. I never called his house because his Mom would freak out and start screaming at him and whoever else was on the phone with him. I really think she had some psychological problems. Monday, I'm at school. My best friend came up to me and was asking me if I was ok. "Sure", I replied. "Why?" As long as I live, I will never forget Christine turning white. "What?" I ask, getting nervous. "WHAT?" CJ was hit by a car Sunday evening, around 9pm while biking towards his home. The driver didn't stop. A Wall Township police officer had found him on the side of the road. The fuckwad that hit CJ just left him there, like a pile of garbage. I didn't know. I was angry that he hadn't called me and now he won't ever be calling me. I remember shaking my head and crying "No... NO! He was going to call me! He can't be dead" Kids in the hallway were staring at me. Christine knew about the accident because her dad was on the First Aid squad. They took him to Jersey Shore Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Sunday, February 20, 1988. The police department did catch the shitbag that killed CJ. He LIVED on the same road where CJ was killed. New Bedford Road. A patrolman spotted the car, which was completely totalled, in the guy's yard. He hit CJ so hard that CJ went through the windshield. Joseph Harney stopped the car long enough to push CJ back out on the road, before taking off again. Harney was later arrested and indicted. I think of CJ quite often. He was the first person that I *really* knew who died. We had so much fun together. Hanging out at the beach, the boardwalk, biking all around. I visited his grave several times. His Mom never got a headstone for him. But - even though I cry when I hear any song from that particular Van Halen album, I still smile. Because it makes me think of him.
Gonna try to list some things on ebay. I found some of my Duran Duran stuff (ok, stop laughing! LOL!) and I think I can sell some of it off. Extra cash is always good!
Oooh! This is the bedspread/quilt pattern that I like. And, the best part, it's ON SALE!
AND - I want these curtains for Moira's room. They are so pretty. Pottery Barn is expensive!
I am already starting my Christmas shopping. I found a TON of stuff for the girls for great prices at ABC Distributing.