I am beat - just a long day. I cut up all the foam sheets into 4" widths. They will be door knob hangers, decorated for Halloween. I think I might be heading into bed soon. Wow - in bed before midnight!!
Olivia still has that weird bumpy rash around her mouth. Dammit - I don't know what else I can do for her. She's had more Benedryl and I have wiped her down as much as she could stand.
I'm back. We hit WallyWorld, the butcher shop and Debbie's house (to pick up Brownie stuff). I had to give Olivia a dose of Benedryl before we left the house. She had some wacky looking rash all around her mouth. Poor kid. I think it's from the cat. ::sigh:: I emailed a local animal rescue to see if they would take Darla. Of course, I would also give a hefty donation too. Anyway, by the time we got back home, Olivia was all woozy so I carried her in to her bed. She curled right up and went back to sleep. Poor baby.
Off to WalMart again. I think I should have my own freakin section. I have to pick up stuff for Brownies. We will be making Halloween door hangers - foam hangers with foam ghosts, pumpkins, witches, etc.. Should be cute! Oh, Moira will be participating in the troop nut sale (had to be nuts ::sigh::) so if anyone would like to purchase a can or two, feel free to email me an order. : - )
We actuallly made it out of the house today without any problems. Moira has this thing about brushing her teeth. Like, she doesn't want to do it. ::sigh::