I have to say this - Paul did get me the prettiest roses today. I love getting flowers. I usually buy myself some at least once a month. My brother sent me a nice basket of plants and my Mom sent me a pretty arrangement of dried flowers that I have hanging up on the wall. Hope everyone had a nice time today. Hugs going out to you all!
Anyone see "The Emperor's New Groove"? I just love this movie - David Spade is so frickin funny! I have it on now while dinner is cooking... I was hoping to actually take a nap (Hahahaha) but that isn't going to happen...
Bahahahah! According to Jason, she should have seen it coming...
Oh yeah - almost forgot... Happy Valentine's Day!
Isn't she the cutest? ::smile::
:::::Yawn:::::: Olivia decided to stay awake until 530am. Actually - I don't think she actually DECIDED to stay up all night coughing.. but that's what happened. Nothing.. and I mean nothing, could stop that cough. She was coughing so hard she was gagging : - ( Paul finally chased me into bed at 3am, saying he would stay up with Olivia but he needed me to get Moira up and off to school. I passed out as soon as I lay my head on the pillow. My alarm woke me at 630am. I didn't hear anything so I go tup to check on Paul and Olivia. He was asleep in the recliner. I woke him up (poor guy) to find out what happened. He had given her some bread and butter to eat right after I went to bed. He ended up turning on the TV for a while. Olivia started to cycle down her coughing and by 530am, he put her down in the crib. She finally fell asleep. I got Moira up and dressed. She looked so cute today! She has a Valentine's Day party at school (awwww) today. She brought in her 22 Valentines with these cute little crochet hearts I was given by one of my Mom's friends. I zipped over to Wal-Mart after Moira got on the bus. I figured I should get the kidlets a card and some little things. I even got a card for whatshisname.. you know.. the guy that lives here too! LOL!