Hmm - looks like I can email the LINK to the photo album. Weird..
Michael very kindly pointed out a potential problem on my blog. Thank you SO much - I do owe you one! If anyone commented on the last post, sorry. I deleted it. I will repost the link to my Ofoto pictures shortly.
Princess #1 is still languishing in bed while Princess #2 is eating toast and watching DragonTales. Does anyone else find a few of the voices on DragonTales extemely annoying? Like Elmo annoying? ::sigh:: The kids love the show and there are a lot of positive messages through it but the voices drive me crazy! UGH! I have to do some banking, pay some bills.. always fun. I need to go furniture shopping. I am buying a new entertainment unit. I want one with doors so it can hide the TV and all the stuff that goes along with it. DVD, VHS, CD player and cd's, etc.. Plus, I am also putting it in a corner so I have to measure the units I look at to make sure they will fit! THEN - I get to take the girls food shopping. Always an adventure!