picked this up from Jason Heard Wed. mornings at 6:40 AM on Newsradio 970 WFLA-Tampa. Visit Tedd Webb online at, http://www.teddwebb.com . I was watching TV last night and saw the promotion of the BET Movie Awards. BET stands for Black Entertainment Television. I thought for a moment, man have we built a distance between ourselves. We are really into hyphenating ourselves. Imagine the horror of someone starting the WET. The White Entertainment Network? What if they sponsored the WET Movie Awards, and only white people would be eligible to win? I can hear the out cry now. Why then is it OK and acceptable for the BET Movie Awards. We are all one people. Right now we have one common enemy, one common goal. Why do we insist on dividing ourselves into little categories. African American, Hispanic-American, Italian-American, hey folks we are "Americans"! It's time we took a long look at the situation, instead of creating more distant between ourselves, let's close ranks. Let us show the world we are "one country, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all". WE could spend the rest of our lives hyphenating ourselves into little corners, and that is exactly what our enemies would want. Union philosophy, fingers gripped together form one strong hand, individually they can be broken. This 4th of July, be proud to fly the flag, be proud to sing our hymns of praise and glory. This country has earned the respect from the rest of the world, let's make sure the locals give theirs.
Moira and I are going to visit Mom tonight. I talked to her earlier and it looks like she will be in for the weekend and possibly discharged on Monday. She sounds a little better today although still a little weak.