Acidman has now decided I am "a fine figure of a woman, despite living in New Jersey." Whatta hunk of man ::sigh:: Not bad for a southern boy.
Man - I can't believe the weekend is over. The bureau is almost finished. I can't wait to put my STUFF in it! Arrgghh! We have STUFF all over the place until it is complete. My shelves are up and just need a little bit of touch up paint. YAY! Then I can put more of my SHIT away.
I am burning a cd for myself. This will be the first audio cd I have created so I hope it turns out! Anyone have a particular CD burner program they like? I have NTI CDMaker. It came with the CD-RW drive. It's a bit of a pain in the ass to use. Moira's hard drive on her computer crapped out ::sigh:: Paul replaced the drive and is working on it now. How weird is it that we just happened to have a hard drive hanging around? I don't want to replace her computer... at least, not yet.
Dad and Millie just left a little while ago. It was so much fun. The girls adore them. I saw the new Lexus. VERY VERY nice. They got the Coach edition. It smell yummy inside - all leather!