Hmm - is blogrolling down? I am pooped. I stayed up too late, again. I was playing around with my new lamps, setting them up. I bought a couple little things for my niece and the baby. I truly think I could shop in Ikea all the time ::grin:: as long as I was ALONE! LOL! The kids were so tired. Paul and I were the parents who kept their kids out too late. Bad parents. But, there were things we needed and I had to have his opinion on some of those things. The kids weren't too bad - just kinda cranky. I did keep them awake the entire ride home. We were singing all kinds of songs. It was fun.
It seems that Mike has had his blog come up in some strange Google searches.
HAHA! Found this at Jennifer's blog - warning - strong language
Dara listed me for person of the week on her blog. Go visit her now and say hello! ::smile::
We're back. Oh my GAWD - I don't want to repeat that trip again. I don't know who was worse, the kids or Paul! LOL! We bought these really cool looking beech colored wall uplights. These are some storage boxes that I bought. I want this chair - it's SO comfortable and you certainly can't beat the price! This garbage can and just so much more. The kids didn't get to bed until 1115! Poor lil munchkins. We will be visiting my sis in law (the pregnant one) and her daughter tomorrow. It should be lots of fun! ::yawn:: I am pooped! G'night!