Just got Olivia into bed about 20 minutes ago.. the past 4 hours were filled with crying. The sad pathetic type of crying... the kind that breaks apart your heart and makes you want to do anything to fix whatever is wrong....
We just got back from the doctor's office. I took Olivia in just to be sure. I was right - post nasal drip. Lungs clear, ears clear. Damn - this is SO frustrating. Basically, she has a cold.
I was busy all day yesterday and by the end of the day, I felt so gross. I must have caught a cold from the kidlets (the little plague carriers). My nose was all stuffy and I had a sore throat. Olivia must have had those plus she has an awful post-nasal drip that is making her cough so hard she gags. Poor baby. She had a tough night last night. She coughed for a while before we finally got her up and sat her out with us. Olivia sat and watched Trading Spaces with us and got a nebulizer treatment. She coughed so much that she was wheezing. We got her back into bed around midnight. Paul is still working on our room. It's been a difficult process because we cannot empty the room. I have nowhere to put the furniture. Plus, the walls are pretty messed up. He had a LOT of spackling and patching to do around the room. So, he would alternate between painting, priming, spackling and sanding. At one point, he painted a happy face one of the unpainted wall and the kids went NUTS! They thought that was the coolest thing!
Happy Face