It was so nice today that the kids played out back for over an hour before dinner. I love that the days are getting longer. I hate when it gets really dark by 430 in the afternoon. I am sending out cyber hugs to Erin and Jill. Each of them has had one helluva day today. {{{{{Erin}}}}} and {{{{{Jill}}}}}. Hang in there ladies!
I am an official member of the Pepys Project. Check it out!
Oh my God - I am adding this to my links!
Gorgeous weather today! I guess that's why it was so frickin' mobbed at ShopRite. ACK! Olivia almost got run over by one of the derranged cart-wielding senior citizen. Good thing I picked Olivia up in time. Nice to see they push their shopping cart the same way a lot of them drive - dangerously.
Another quiz.. I think I am addicted! (link via Roni)

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

It's a good thing I am awake. Olivia has woken up twice. The first awakening, about 40 minutes ago, was accompanied with a piercing scream! She had a "Bad Dweam". I cuddled her for a little while then tucked her back into her crib (yes, my 2 yr old is still in a crib. We bought a toddler bed to put together on Saturday). She just woke up a few minutes ago and cried out. Another "Bad Dweam".. or so she said. I don't mind going in her room late at night.. she is so warm and snuggly. When she puts her chubby little baby arms up and around my neck, I just melt. She had a nightmare about 2 months ago and Paul was the one who raced to her room at top speed. When he asked her what happened, she replied, still hiccupping and crying that "..the squirrel said stop it." Huh? What a weird thing to say!
There's nothing like eating dinner at 1030pm. Ugh. I can't possibly go to sleep now..