Janna's having her baby! Woohoo! I got an email from her friend Anna letting me know what was going on. Here's an excerpt: "FYI- Janna is having the baby tonight or tomorrow. They decided to induce labor b/c her blood pressure was really high. No C-Sec b/c the baby turned and is now head down. I talked with her around 5:30 p.m. Central and they were going to start pitocin later this evening." Sending Janna easy labor vibes!
I made a roast in the crockpot today. I started it around 9am this morning, with an onion and 2 cups of brown gravy. By 130pm, I added 3 cut up potatoes and 1 couple big handfuls of baby carrots. Yummy! Olivia scarfed all the meat we served her! We did a quick WalMart run to pick up Moira's costume. It's practically identical to Olivia's costume. Some kind of "Malibu Kitty".. it's cute. Hey - what can I expect for $16? A neighbor up the street has 3 girls and she bought all their costumes from the Disney Store! 1 Alice in Wonderland and 2 Minnie Mouse costumes - talk about BIG bucks! That's easily $120.00 - for a COUPLE hours ::eyeroll:: Whatever. I have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for the meeting on Friday. My babysitter isn't available...until November! : - O Curse you field hockey for stealing my only baby-sitter! So, I have to bring Olivia with me ::sigh:: I hope she's not too out of hand. I have a training course to attend tomorrow evening for Girl Scouts - for 3 hours. Oy.
Our first Brownie troop meeting is this Friday! I am so excited!
I updated and added some links on my sidebar.. check 'em out!
Beware of food This family will also be portrayed Friday night on 48 Hours (CBS) 8pm. I am familiar with this family as I correspond with Adrianne (the Mom) through an online food allergy group (which has 1000+ members!) I hughly suggest everyone watch the show - I know that my daily routine is very similar to what this family goes through each day.
It's raining.. it's raining!