Oh man - I totally missed Suzie's birthday on Tuesday. Hope that cake was good! : - )
A happy birthday shout-out to Jill! Glad it was a great day for ya babe!
Ok - I have set up Lynn, Joie and Joan as members of the recipe exchange blog. I am still tweaking it but I will email you guys the administrative stuff. The rest of you guys - c'mon.. join up! It will be fun!
I'm back from shopping. Lordy, I am tired. Aisles of food... I spent way too much money. But, I was running out of everything.. meat, garbage bags, dishwasher detergent, diapers (I only got a little pack yesterday at WalMart), margarine, vegetables.. I even found some cute Lisa Frank stuff for Moira. Ugh - off to unpack and repackage the meats.
Wooohoo! 20,000+ hits! :::dancing around::: Whew - all this dancing makes me sleepy! I gotta go to bed. Olivia and I will be heading to BJ Wholesale Club to do some serious food shopping. PS ~ You guys rock! Thanks! ::smooches::
Joie gave me this lovely award! You are a doll ::grin:: Thank you!

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I love to play with my Dancing Paul.
Heh. Found this link to a Yahoo gripe (bitch) message board for my former employer. Nice to know things haven't changed in 2 years.