Hello all you lovely people in cyber space ::smile:: We spent most of the day up in Staten Island visiting my stepsister and her daughter. We all had so much fun. We had a nice lunch and went swimming. My stepsister was watching her cousin's daughter. Oh my gosh - she was SO SO SO cute. HUGE but cute. She was a year old but I swear she weighs at least 30 pounds. Hell - Olivia isn't 30 pounds yet! Such a sweet and happy baby :::sigh::: We didn't leave until 515pm. I was afraind we would get stuck on the Outerbridge but we sailed right though and had NO problems at all. I stopped at McD's since the girls were whining "We're huuuuungry!" LOL! I had promised McD's for them anyway. So, we stopped in Wall Township and had a nice (well, nice for Mickey D's!) dinner. We got home around 715pm. Not bad at all. The girls are watching Junkyard Wars now. Moira was so excited that it was coming on tonight. Great. My kid is a geek. Heeeheee!
Still Up! I am doing laundry. How sick am I?