Howdy hi gang! I had Bonkos tonight.. lots of fun. I didn't win any prizes though (bummer!) but it's always a good time to hang out and chat and play. My neighbor got me hooked into it and I have been playing for over a year now. Moira had school today but she gets the first week of November off. Gee - lucky me! Hmm - let's see.. what else?? OH - the book club has been updated. Check us out!
Susan asks a great question on her blog. Go check it out!
Oh - TLC is rerunning this weekend's graveyard.. err.. room, design today. Be sure to tune in to this Tim Burton nightmare!
:::yawn::: I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. I am so glad Paul is off today!
I would have posted pictures of me and Mary if they had turned out ok. Paul took 2 pictures and they turned out really blurry. Mary posted a photo on her blog - check it out!