(link snagged from Heather)

Which Willy Wonka character are you?
I am the most annoying of all Wonka characters. I am so greedy, snobby; basically just a stuck-up rich bitch. Everyone hates me! I am Veruca Salt. You most often are found saying "I want it now!" My fate: I fall down the educated eggdicator, where I am possibly "sizzled like sausage".
I got my cable modem! YAY! Now - normally, I would set it up right away. Except, I can't. The cable outlet/jack it behind our mammoth sized entertainment center. It is impossible for me to move. So - I have to wait until tonight to test it out. If I have waited 3 years, I suppose another 4 hours won't kill me. I hope!
Michael Jackson and the race card, as mentioned by kd. My comments? MJ is a freak. Plain and simple. He is a walking example of a child star experiment gone completely wrong. He is just so disturbing looking. The simple fact that he chose to do this to himself is just frightening. I found this, with 3 pictures, from ChuckJerry. Check it out and bring your barf bag.
Speaking of pregnant - Zannie, what the heck is going on with you and lil Brucie??
A friend of mine was in a car accident yesterday.She is pregnant and due in 3 weeks. Thank God she is ok and of course the baby is ok too. She rear-ended someone. The police officer was right behind her when she did it.
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!