WHAT a fucked UP day! I never did get to cook dinner tonight. The power went out around 2pm. Poof. By the time 530 rolled around, I took the girls out to McD's to eat. Ick. But, we we killed time by wandering around in Walmart for a while. We got home around 730 - STILL no power. SO pissed! My well and pump (toilet too) are also powered by electric. I couldnn't take it anymore so around 830 I packed the girls up and drove up to my Mom's place. Our house was 80 degrees. Power was out at over 2,000 houses in my neighborhood. Paul was at my Mom's place. He called Conectiv (power company) and they informed him that the power would not be on anytime soon. Grr! So, Paul talked to his parents and found out they had a freezer that we could use . He drove home (while I drove up to Mom's place) so he could finish shutting off some equipment and pack up the meats (about $100 worth) in our freezer and bring them back to my inlaws. The power came back on by 945pm. The girls and I are still staying at my Mom's and Paul will stay home. Lucky bastard.
It's Monday ACK! So much stuff to do today. Debbie is on her way over. I cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Vacuumed and dusted. Again. I swear, we have a TON of dust. If I could go back and do it again, I wouldn't get the overhead vents for my heating/air unit. Paul changes the filter monthly and it is always covered with gick. It's so gross. I can't imagine waiting to change it every 3 months. EW. On a happy note, my tomato plants are FINALLY kicking out tomatoes. They are delicious! I planted the "Big Boy" variety . Seriously, I will be overrun with tomatoes very soon. Olivia and I are the only ones who eat them. Moira freaks out at the thought of eating one and Paul doesn't really care for them. I think they taste best when just picked, with a little salt. YUMMY! Paul will be home late tonight. He is stopping to help my Mom with some stuff around her place. The girls and I are on our own for dinner tonight. I am not too sure what I want to make yet. I have ground beef defrosting now. Any suggestions?
Debbie, the leader for our Girl Scout troop, will be coming over after lunch on Monday. She will be bringing her 2 daughters. One is Moira's age and the older one loves to play with Olivia. Debbie and I need to plan the troop meetings, etc. Should be loads of fun. Actually, I am looking forward to this - I loved being a Girl Scout