Chicken Cacciatore for dinner tonight... Yum.
I'm back! I stopped at WalMart to get diapers and to enlarge a picture of Paul and I from our wedding. We couldn't afford photographers so we counted on a lot of people to take pictures for us. A lot turned really well but I can't help but wish I had a couple really formal shots done. Maybe on my 25th anniversary ::grin:: Stopped at Bruno's for more deli - sheesh - I am there every 6 days! Oy!
Oh - when I was at the bus stop this morning.. I got stung by a bee! I stomped the crap outta him... Mosquitos and bees - HATE them all!
I had a great night last night.. I took Moira to soccer where they had a practice and a game (they lost).Picture the Bad News Bears playing soccer. But, before the game started, there was an announcement over the PA system, asking people to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, a local kids choir sang the National Anthem. They were very good. It was amazing to see 500 people, scattered over 9 soccer fields, standing still in respect of September 11. I should have brought my camera - just to see all those poeple, stopped as if they were frozen in place. When I got home, Paul told me that Joan had IM'ed him, thinking he was me. Paul suggested she give me a call after 9pm. I checked my email and I found an email from her, saying that she wanted to do "25 Things about Kate"! Boy - was I surprised! She gave me a call around 9pm and we chatted EASILY for over an hour. We had a lot of fun.. lots of giggles and major silliness. After our chat, I jumped back on the computer for a little while, surfing blogs and catching up on emails. Scott IM's me and we had a nice chat. He and his wife, the lovely Shelley live in Oklahoma. They will be coming out to NYC at the end of December. I am going to meet them (somewhere) in the city. YAY! Scott mentioned that they had confirmed the hotel reservation. I jokingly said we would need to call each other and Scott thought that was a GREAT idea! He sends me the phone number and said he would answer and hand the phone to Shelley. Well, 4 rings later with no answer and when I am momentarily wondering if they just went to bed, Scott answers and hand the phone to Shelley. She says "Hello?" quite cautiously. The rest of the conversation: Kate: "Hi Shelley, it's Kate." Shelley: silence Kate: "Kate.. like KateSpot Kate.." Shelley: "Oh.....OHHHH! HI!!" We laughed about that for a little while... The best part about talking to them is that they hand the phone back and forth to each other. 20 minutes with Shelley, back to Scott, Shelley again.. then Scott. Talk about getting tag teamed! I can honestly say that they 2 extremely nice people and I can't wait to officially meet them in person. I gotta say I LOVE the accents ::giggle:: Ya'll! I just know we will have SO much fun when we meet up in NYC!