I scrubbed my kitchen cabinets and I am thoroughly disgusted. They were so nasty. Ew ew ew. We are not dirty people but you would never know it after looking at the cabinets. They look pretty nice now!
Oh - I know I have some new visitors according to my stats. C'mon, post a comment and say hello! I love comments!
The lawn guys showed up today. Hopefully, by next year, we will have a decent looking yard. The guy said we had so much crabgrass (in the back yard), if we killed it now, we wouldn't have anything back there at all! Dnner is already in the crockpot. Sauce, meatballs and sausage. The kids are THRILLED! They have been nagging me to make meatballs for a while. I just hate cooking stuff like that in the summer - too hot. But today, it is so gorgeous outside! I have all my windows open, ceiling fan on and I am getting a great cross breeze through the house. I have to clean today. I am having some friends and their kids over on Saturday for a BBQ. I hope the weather is nice. According to Weather.com, it is supposed to be partly cloudy 82/69 for the day. I can deal with that. The kids will all be in the pool anyway Well - gotta clean - see ya later!
After I said goodbye to Dara, I shopped!