I should get some work done around here. I just don't feeeel like it! ::grin::
The girls LOVE listening to this
Mornin' gang.. I crashed out last night. Lordy I was tired. Olivia has developed the habit of waking up in the morning and coming into my room. I can hear her doing this over the baby monitor. She stands by my side of the bed and watches me. When I open my eyes and look at her, she gives me a huge grin and says "Good morning Mommy". Now, isn't that the nicest way to wake up?
Moira has been in and out of bed for the past 3 hours. The last trip out, we took pity on her. She was coughing and sniffling quite a bit. So, she got to stay up for about 30 minutes and chugged a shot of Tylenol due to a sore throat. I just tucked her back in with a warning for her *not* to emerge until morning. I hope it works!