I think Colin shops at my Shop Rite! Read this GREAT supermarket rant!
Well, we never made it to the fair today. But, we can go tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be just as beautiful tomorrow too. Hooray! I was outside most of the day with the girls. I puttered around the yard, cleaning the flower boxes, running the sprinkler, washing, hanging on the line, and folding a mountain of laundry. Or, as Allison says, "mount laundry" Teehee! So, I am pooped. My knobs arrived today and they look FABULOUS! ::grin:: What can I say, I have great knobs!
I am CONNECTED! Woohoo! I have to say, cable modems ROCK! My father in law is coming down in a little while to pick up his power washer we borrowed a couple weeks ago. It's 70 degrees! Gorgeous clear skies.. white puffy clouds. I love this type of weather. I am going to take the girls to the Ocean County Fair today, if things work out around here. I'll catch up more later! Ta-ta!