Oh! Totally forgot to mention that Paul and I got new cell phones, Motorola V120c, and a new cellular service. We had Cingular but it really sucked. We went with Verizon Family Share. At least we will be saving a couple of bucks a month.
Good evening! I hope everyone had a good weekend. We got a lot of work done around the house. Paul washes and cleaned both cars, practically detailing them. They look gorgeous! He powerwashed the house and it looks SO much nicer. I can't believe it. The pool got up to 90 degrees again this weekend! Ahhh! Talk about heaven! Moira was at a baseball game last night. When my sis in law brought Moira home, at 1130pm, she was totally wired. Full of sugar and adreneline. Oy.Today I just did some cleaning and took the kids back into the pool. They had so much fun. I got a slight sunburn - just barely pink. I am already getting a nice tan. I don't want to get all brown and full of skin cancer (which also runs in my family). So - I will have to be careful... Mom was discharged from the hospital today. Thank you again for all the kind emails, comments and cards! Shelley - got your card the other day! I was going to buy THAT one for YOU! LOL!