Finally a moment to sit down! WHEW! Hmm - let me recap my day.. After dropping Moira at school, Olivia and I made it to the mall. I managed to hit Macys, Old Navy, Kaybee Toys, Boscovs AND the Disney store within 2 hours. Woohoo! Nothing like a good morning of marathon shopping. BARGAIN marathon shopping, I might add. I got several nice deals today ::happy dance:: When we got back home, Olivia and I watched Monsters Inc. Oh My God. It is so cute. Boo is adorable - Olivia really does resemble her when her hair is up in ponytails! We met Moira at the bus, hustled home, hustled her into her soccer uniform, amidst much moaning, whining and crying, "I haaaaaaaaate soccer! I don't waaaaaaant to go." She went. I took her after dinner. They also had team photos. Her team was scheduled for 730pm pictures. Outside. ::eyeroll:: Needless to say, it was almost nightfall by the time they had them taken. Great. Can't wait to see these! LOL! Mom called earlier this afternoon. Remember I mentioned that she would lose her hair? Well - a LOT of it fell out last night, while she slept. So, she visited her hair dresser and had the rest of her hair shaved off. Completely. She is totally bald. ::sigh:: On the upswing, the hair dresser told Mom that she had a GREAT head. Very smooth. Mom doesn't want any wigs so she is wearing hats and do-rags. I suggested getting some temporary tattos. She loved that idea! Gonna cut it short tonight - I am pooped. I am gonna read a few blogs then head off to bed! G'night!
Driving the beast child to school this morning.. I have to bring books back to the library. Olivia and I will be going to the mall to pick up Monsters Inc. Yay!