Some pictures of the munchkins... So cute!
Olivia and her Daisies
Talk to the hand!
Mmmm! Cake mix!
Forgot to mention that I qualify for extended unemployment benefits. 3 more months! YAY!
Ohhhhhhhhh! You MUST check this out. If you like to organize, this link is for you. (link snagged from Rachel!)
Hey - I found Allan on Google. Check this out. He's mentioned towards the end. Zannie is due like ANY moment. Poor kid - it is SO stinkin hot. It sucks being pregnant in the summer!
tooo hot...ugh... 92 degrees according to the Weather Channel) HEAT INDEX REACHING TO 95 TO 100 THIS AFTERNOON AND AGAIN THURSDAY AFTERNOON ACK!
I have to go to WalMart today. UGH! I need to get cat food, apple juice and dishwasher detergent. Shelley went to the store last night but didn't get me ANYTHING! ::grin:: I am glad to hear that her friend is doing well.