Neat link from Robyn. You can see what the top movies were the year you were born. Mine are: (1970) Airport Five Easy Pieces The Honeymoon Killers Little Big Man Love Story Lovers and Other Strangers M*A*S*H Patton The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Women in Love Woodstock
Great question from Susan - check it out!
Just got back home from Moira's soccer game. Oh man - her team is pretty bad. But, they try pretty hard and have a great time. While playing tonight, Moira was running with her hands in her pockets (it was chilly). I called out for her to take her hands out of her pockets while she was running. She turns, looks at me and sticks her tongue out at me! The other moms standing next to me were like "Oooooooh, she's gonna get it!" And - she is. No book tonight.
Update Apparently I DID tell Paul why I needed the soap.... "For the Rainbow!"
(link snagged from Joan who snagged from Group Captain) This is a great solution to our problems!