Dinner was AWESOME! I can't get over just how good fresh corn can be! I just caught the season premiere of Sex and the City. I loved the scene when Brady's belly button came off and the cat snagged it! Bahahahaha! I also have to say that Steve is looking kinda cute. ::grin::
Olivia and I stopped at a farm market and got some beautiful tomatoes and luscious looking cherries. I also picked up 6 ears of corn and 4 cucumbers. So - dinner tonight will be grilled steaks, fresh corn and tomatoes and pasta salad. Well - off to cook!
We're baaaaaack! I spent $78 at Bruno's! I got a bunch of cold cuts and I bought some GREAT looking Del Monico steaks and 2 lbs of homemade sweet sausage. Paul is thrilled. He's been wanting a good steak for a while. Moira will be spending the later part of the afternoon with a buddy and she was also invited for dinner. After that, they are taking her to a kiddie amusement park for a couple hours. YAY! She's excited about it. Me too!
(story from Yahoo) Most Afghan boys are circumcised between the age of two and five by religious elders who say a prayer before removing the foreskin with a knife -- without anaesthetic. If the boys are lucky, they will be plunged into an icy stream before the ritual in order to numb any pain. But the Turkish operation -- while yielding to tradition -- was a strictly medical procedure with a local anaesthetic being applied before the foreskin was removed with a sort of soldering- iron gun that cuts through the flesh and seals the wound behind it at the same time. (it's good to be Turkish... at least you can get anaesthetic!)
Road Kill Koalas.
(link snagged from Erin) I think I am gonna barf... check out this headline.
Have tons of errands to do today.. bank, butcher, Shop Rite.. I will be signing Moira up for a summer reading program. It looks like a lot of fun!
(link snagged from Colin) Extreme Survival Quiz. I scored 6 out of 17 "You are so dead! You never stood a chance. Do yourself a big favor and brush up on your survival skills." Sheesh!
Well - better late than never! Moira's party went extremely well. The kids had a blast, the pizza was excellent and the ice cream was awesome! YUMMY! I haven't had pizza (excluding a trip to Pizza Hut which was DISGUSTING) in over a year. It was soooooo good! LOL! Moira got some really nice presents. She was most excited about the Matchbox cars, racing set and the game of Operation. She did get some Barbies (ew) and some cool art and crafts stuff. Now, before I get bashed about Barbie, it's not that I don't like Barbie. We have too MANY Barbies! ::grin:: But - Moira enjoys playing with them from time to time, depending on her mood. My Mom *hates* Barbies.. says it gives girls a negative self image. C'mon. If my daughters think that they are supposed to look just like an adult version of Barbie when they grow up, then Paul and I haven't done our jobs as parents.