Oh - Paul and I are going to Ikea tomorrow. We couldn't decide on lighting for the bedroom but we did find a couple things in the Ikea catalog. Soooo, back we go! Cool! The girls will love seeing all the planes landing. Ikea is right by Newark Airport. I want to bring my StepMom up to Ikea - I know she would LOVE this place.
Another busy day. Geez, I think I need a vacation ::grin:: Paul got a lot of work done around here, including sanding and priming the back door and frame. Poor guy, I think he is happy that tomorrow is Monday. He can get some rest at work. The Nap Buddies Heehee! I got lazy with dinner tonight...meatloaf, fresh steamed broccoli and rice with onions. Oh, and a fresh apple pie for dessert! We were supposed to eat the pie yesterday at the BBQ. I forgot all about it. Oopsie! I am watching Emeril Live right now. I love this guy - he's so funny. I met him a few years ago at a book signing. I got to get my picture taken with him and his autograph. He was a very nice guy. I would love to get to see his show in NYC.