Ok ok - I'll do it.. 1. My favorite color is red. 2. I like blue too. 3. I love being a Mom 4. I love blogging. 5. I used to work for MacWarehouse selling Apple computers, peripherals and software. 6. No - I am not the girl who used to be on the cover. 7. Yes - she is a real person and her name is Kerry. 8. Some days, I wish I could just up and GO - no worries.. no cares. 9. I have made a lot of online friends. 10. I have met about 10 of them. 11. My parents divorced when I was 14. 12. Yes - it was a good thing. 13. High School was hell for me. 14. I used to cut class. 15. A lot. 16. I almost didn't graduate because of it. 17. My Mom went to the school and made a huge stink on my behalf. 18. I graduated on time. 19. My best friend wasn't so lucky. 20. My first car was a blue Pontiac Phoenix. 21. My Dad gave it to me for Christmas and I loved it. 22. I am 5'2" 23. I used to be a short order cook. 24. I hate porkroll. 25. I have had long hair most of my life. 26. Only because I am too chicken to cut it. 27. My first dog was a black Lab named Rugby. 28. I am a Gemini. 29. So is Paul. 30. I never finished college. 31. I am still beating myself up about that. 32. I used to be VERY shy. 33. I am still shy but I tend to hide it. 34. I get panicky when I have to speak in front of a group of people. 35. I am overweight. 36. Paul, on the other hand, is skinny. 37. We look odd together. 38. He loves me anyway ::smile:: 39. My Dad had a triple bypass in May 40. He's healthy as a horse now. 41. Mom is recovering from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 42. I am very busy. 43. I don't like to delegate. 44. We just redecorated our master bedroom. 45. I really really like it. 46. The living room is my next project. 47. I love buying clothes for the girls. 48. My actual hair color is brown. 49. I used to be a blonde. 50. It looked pretty bad. 51. Now I am a redhead 52. Sometimes, I still bite my nails. 53. I love to read. 54. It isn't uncommon for me to be reading several books at a time. 55. I have known Erin since Kindergarten. 56. I wish we stayed closer while in high school. 57. I have never been mugged. 58. But - I have been in several car accidents. 59. I wrecked my Dad's car in one accident. 60. Yes - it was my fault. 61. I live in a small ranch house. 62. My cat's name is Darla. 63. People tell me I have a sexy phone voice. 64. I love my eye color (hazel). 65. Paul has almost the same color eyes as I. 66. I very much resemble my maternal Grandmother. 67. She died May 19, 2001 68. I was on my way to the hospital to visit her when my Mom called me on my cell phone. 69. I miss her so much sometimes that it hurts. 70. I never met my paternal Grandfather. 71. I have family in Iran. 72. My family visited Iran in April 1978. 73. I was an obnoxious brat while there. 74. My birthday is June 13, 1970 75. My Mom and I have the same birthday.. 76. I once dressed as C3PO for Halloween 77. I am terrified at the thought of death/dying/non existance. 78. It keeps me awake at nights. 79. I would love to be able to go to the movies. 80. I need to find a good babysitter. 81. Paul has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and all other nuts. 82. He was the first person I knew with food allergies. 83. My 2 year old suffers from multiple food allergies, including peanuts, nuts, eggs, dairy and fish. 84. I haven't eaten scrambled eggs in over a year. 85. I love scrambled eggs. 86. Trading Spaces is my favorite show. 87. I want to see Bare Naked Ladies in concert. 88. I have shot a 9mm and a .22 89. I like the 9mm. 90. I saved the target from the shooting range and it is hanging on the side of my refrigerator. 91. I am a Conservative. 92. I do not believe in abortion. 93. I love musicals. 94. Shoes are my downfall. 95. Especially red shoes. 96. I love my Hyundai Santa Fe. 97. Paul drives a Saturn. 98. I belong to a Bonkos group. 99. I can't wait for the Sopranos to come back on. 100. I have been told I am a very nice person. ::whew::
Just got back home.. We had dinner at my Mom's house tonight. I had to leave early (615) in order to attend a 7pm meeting at church for Sunday School preparation. That will be starting September 15. I chose to teach at the 11am service. I will be teaching 3 weeks on and then 3 weeks off. Got a call from Moira's soccer coach. She starts practice September 4th - her first day of school. So - most likely it will be soccer on Mondays and Wednesdays, Girl Scouts every other Friday and Sunday School/Church every Sunday. Shoot me now. Oh and Mary, that is why I started my Christmas shopping early! ::grin::
Happy Birthday Danielle! Have lots of fun! ::wink wink::
I have had a hard time sleeping lately. I go to be early (well, early for ME! I haven't been falling asleep before 2am. Ugh. I hate that. I will have to change my entire sleep schedule around so I can get up at 645am every morning, once school starts. I am so NOT a morning person. In my opinion, morning should start around 10, lunch around 3, nap until 5, dinner around 9. Works for me! I have seen a few 100 things lists out there (Erin, Karen). I am debating whether or not I should also write one.