Who me? A Tiger Mom?

Even thought I am currently unemployed (and broke since we live in NJ), I do like the fact I am home for the girls. Yes, they are teenagers but I do enjoy the extra time with them.

The 17yr old is a senior in HS, she is running in many different directions. Staying on top of college apps, school clubs, horseback riding, AP and honors classes, then homework, homework, and more homework. I don't know how she balances it out. Well, yes, I do - she doesn't have a job and a car. So, I end up driving her around like she is Miss Daisy - lucky me. I can't complain.. she is a good girl and works so very hard. Still a bit scattered but slowly getting more organized every day. I hope she has it all together for college next year. WOOHOO!!

My 13 yr old, she's another story. Brilliant... but lazy . Soooo lazy. I hate having to nag her. When she turns everything in - boom! Straight A's. Other times, it's just crusing along... What the hell kid?? I am hoping that by the time she gets to HS next year, she will be more motivated. Husband and I are on top of her this year..thank goodness grades are online and it's just SO easy to contact teachers and guidance counselors.

I was just informed by my 17yr old that, in her circle of friends, I am referred to as the "white" Tiger Mom . I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not... I will take it as one :)

Photo test

It's gonna take some time to get used to this template.. I've been Facebooking for so long now. I still follow bloggers like Liz at This Full House. She's my hero.. my inspiration for blogging. Angie from MoodyMama is flat out amazeballs. Jenn from Mommy Needs Coffee is another amazing bloggy lady. Rachel from Pereiraville who is Just.That.Brilliant. My dream sistah from another mothah Housewifey Kate

And, of course, a shout-out to my friend Erin aka The Gigglechick whom I have known since, like FOREVER and helped me write code wayyy back when I had NO clue ::boy, things look so different in the bloggy world!::

A little about me as an update to the now four readers I *may* have :::waving::: Hi there!

  •  Married for 20 years... to the same guy even!!
  • Two daughters - a senior in HS and an eighth grader - Lord help me
  • Currently unemployed - I left my job to care for my terminally ill mother who recently passed away from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - Yeah.. cancer really freakin' sucks ass.
  • My dad passed away in 2004 due to complications from Colon Cancer. Again, cancer SUCKS.
  • We now own a dog (see previous post for a pic) and he has his own Instagram (@finnthecairn)
  • Still living in Southern Ocean County
  • Still dang boring

So, if you haven't followed me on Facebook or Twitter, I guess this is gonna be a surprise to you!!

I'm back!

:::tap tap tap:::

Well - looks like I may be starting up this old blog again.. only 11 years later!!

I have been reading my through my archives and laughing.. I had forgotten SO much about the girls. Unreal. My parents were still alive, I was still in my 30's... man.. how time does fly.


I will be updating the visual look of this blog. Heck, I think my hand-coded blog roll is most impressive but unfortunately, 95% outdated. I started blogging in November 2001. Holy cow.. seems like a MILLION years ago.

Now, it's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let's see if I can merge current with the past....and if any one else is even interested..

Hey - meet my buddy Finn - isn't he adorable?